Justfog Clearomizer Q14

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Atomizer Justfog Q14

Nickel resistance from 1.6 ohm with natural cotton

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JUSTFOG Q14 Clearomizer

'Shield' and 'Ring'

A revolution for the perfect clearomizer

Star Shield system A new system for the perfect clearomizer With the star-shaped shield, block any liquid spittings to mouth that occur when inhaling.
Stainless Air Ring (S-Air Ring) system A masterpiece with the finest details. More elaborate air pressure control by placing the S-Air Ring upside down  

Resistance 1.60 Coil Cylinder Organic Cotton / Bottom Coil Recommended voltages 3.4V — 4.4V (6W — 12W) Dimensions 14mm / 71.6mm Capacity 1.8m1 Battery Compatibility eGo 510 Weight 26g

[Product features]

Starshield system which blocks all the liquid spittings Stainless Air Ring which enables elaborate air pressure control in micro levels. Chemically resistant Pyrex glass liquid tube Light ivory colored 100% Japanese organic cotton coil Surface treated, grade-one nichrome wire coil with strong durability Yields excellent flavor from low to high battery voltages Double protecton for coil short circuit Perfect compatibility with all types of batteries 

Anti-leakage Starshield system

JUSTFOG Q14 clearomizer has solved the liquid spitting issue, which has been the most common problem for bottom coil clearomizers. The issue is effectively prevented by blocking any liquids that gets spitted to mouth while passing the vaporized liquids when inhaling by the star-shaped shield.

Reversible Stainless Air Ring system

The airflow control ring ofJUSTFOG Q14 clearomizer, has a hidden function. The normal looking airflow control ring, can be disassembled and reassembled upside down, making the air holes half size smaller. Therefore the airflow pressure can be controlled more elaborately in 8 Ievels.The Stainless material Air ring is more durable than regular coated parts. PVD (Physical vapor deposition) black coating technique used in Q14 clearomizer prevents rust.

Light ivory colored 100% organic cotton

The organic cottons used in JUSTFOG Q14 coils (comapitible in all JUSTFOG 14 series clearomizers)are chemically bleached, and are 100% natural. Most importantly, it yields better flavour and vapor production than coils made of silica.

Pure flavours coming from a brand new level of nichrome wire

The small coil cylinder ofJUSTFOG Q14, is the most important part of the device. JUSTFOG uses surface heat-treated, grade-one nichrome wires for all coil cylinders, which helps to yield a pure taste with strong durability against external environmental factors such as liquids or moisture.

Powerful performances without damaging batteries

As using clearomizer coils with resistance values that are too low (less than 1.0) tends to damage the devices if sub-ohm compatible batteries are not used with, JUSTFOG has found a way to offer equivalent performance with a resistance value of just 1.60 that can be used in normal batteries as well.

Convenient compatibilities with both low voltage and high voltage batteries

Generally, clearomizer show small vapor production when used with low-voltage batteries and an unpleasant burning taste when used with batteries of too-high voltages. JUSTFOG 14 series clearomziers however, show great vapor productions an clean tastes with no dry hits regardless of the voltage of the batteries used, providing greater convenience for users.

- A comparison between the optimal battery range of JUSTFOG 14 clearomizer and other brand clearomizers. -

JUSTFOG 14 Clearomizer Optimal battery range: 3.3-4.4V
Product C (bottom coil model) Optimal battery range: 4.0-4.4V K
Product B (bottom coil model) Optimal battery range: 3.8-4.0V
Product A (top coil model) Optimal battery range: 3.3-3.8V
Voltage 3.4 - 3.8 - 4.2 - 4.6

No coil short with the double protection system

Most coils sold in the market are structured to make direct contact with the batteries, which often result in short-circuits. This problem is ingeniously avoided in JUSTFOG 14 series clearomizers with the double-protection system of ceramic shields and spring shock absorber.

Perfect compatibility with any batteries

The connection terminals of eGo 510 batteries have different lenghts between different manufacturers, which ofetn causes device malfunctions.The battery spring joint ofJUSTFOG 14 series clearomizer adjusts the battery connection terminal lengths automatically, giving the perfect battery compatibility.

Luxury, premium grade 3 chrome coating

JUSTFOG Q14 is polished by the highest grade chrome coating, giving the product luxurious appearance and strong durability.

Safe Pyrex glass material

The transparent tube of JUSTFOG Q14 is made of Pyrex glass (toughened glass) materials. Pyrex glass is one kind of heat-resistant glass types, and contains a high level of silica dioxide. Pyrex glass has a coefficient of expansion of between half to one quarter of regular glasses, giving its higher chemical durability. Therefore chemical changes or corrosion are effectively prevented even when used with cinammon, citrus, banana flavoured liquids.

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Justfog Clearomizer Q14

Justfog Clearomizer Q14

Atomizer Justfog Q14

Nickel resistance from 1.6 ohm with natural cotton


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